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2015 USA UWH Committee Election Results

October 3, 2015

The USA Underwater Hockey Committee election results are in. The following four people have been elected to the open positions:

Tom Brown
Kristen Hocutt
Jim Lester
Eric Straily

Congratulations to Tom, Kristen, Jim, and Eric.
Thank you all for your participation, and working with our new electronic voting method!

-Election Subcommittee
Kat Kurtz, Brian Lin, Matt Richards

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UWH Committee Candidate Bios, 2015

September 3, 2015

This year, three people will be elected to the USA Underwater Hockey Committee. We hope all USA UWH members will participate in the election. All current members will receive a link to online voting in their email. Details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, learn about the candidates!

The candidates for the three open Governing Committee spots are:

Tom Brown
Current Club: San Francisco, Calif.

Tom Brown started playing as a student and found a new hockey home with the San Francisco Sea Lions in 2005. With other club members, he created the first club charter in 2009. As a member of the steering committee for 5 years, he played a large role in the day-to-day running of the club and its long-term financial health while changing from fixed fees to suggested donations. Tom also ran a 6 week beginner course and organized a few tournaments. Recognizing that the club shouldn’t depend so much on one person, he helped other members take over all responsibilities at the end of 2013.

Beyond San Francisco, Tom took the initiative to help Chris Lewis resuscitate international hockey tourist, keeping it going for years. he also created the first US tournament calendar and worked with the hockey committee to include it in Recently, he changed his focus towards the future of hockey, the children’s program. Tom coaches at most weekly kids hockey sessions and was an assistant coach for the Team USA U19 Men at Worlds in 2015.

Toms want the committee to focus on growing our fun underwater activities with more programs for children, better training for new adult players, and a series of clearly defined club and regional tournaments with great refs and video.


Kristen Hocutt
Current Club: Washington, DC

Kristen Hocutt swam on a swim team back in elementary and middle school but never even heard about underwater hockey until February of 2011. In September of that year, after much convincing, she tried underwater hockey but only to get her significant other at the time (now husband) to stop bugging her about playing. She had never been snorkeling so needless to say the first couple weeks was struggle city. But through determination and stubbornness, she decided to stick with it. Now she loves it!

In the very first year Kristen started playing, she won the U.S. Women’s UWH Rookie of the Year award. Since then she has played in many different regional tournaments with her club team as well as development teams. She not only loves the sport but she loves the community. Though it is played in many countries and communicated in many different languages, we all have one thing in common, the love of the sport. And it’s because of the love of the sport we create an automatic bond or friendship.

Kristen’s vision for underwater hockey is to be dedicated to the excellence and the improvement of the sport, while creating an energetic, focused, unified and authoritative environment for players to thrive in. Kristen’s mission for the community is to develop and deliver effective services, guidance and support to the underwater hockey members. Her strategy is to work alongside the committee members as well as the constituents of UWH and teams to enhance best practices and identify and explore growth opportunities. Focusing on: Athlete recruitment and retention, strengthening the program, competition and games, increase funding and awareness, improve knowledge management and information sharing, just to name a few.


Jim Lester
Current Club: Chicago, Ill.

Jim Lester started playing hockey in 2007 with the Minnesota Loons after being roped into helping with the video footage at that years Nationals. After spending a whole weekend filming he showed up to a practice and has been playing ever since. Over the past years Jim has been active with the Minnesota club both in the pool and out. Recently Jim moved to Chicago for work and has been practicing with the Chicago club.

Jim has recently been spending his extra-curricular hockey time working on the online tournament schedule system to help make tracking tournament schedules and results easier for players and organizers. Jim wants to bring his experience working with tournament leaders on schedules and bracketing to the national committee to help further improve the quality of the growing number of tournaments giving the best experiences to both players and clubs.


Eric Straily
Current Club: Denver, Colo.

Eric Straily started playing underwater hockey in the spring of 2012. He has been a member of Colorado Underwater hockey, serving as vice president of the club and has been a CO nationals team member for 3 years. During his time with CO UWH, Eric has been a part many tournaments and events, both with the CO team, potlucks, and helping ref the annual women’s tournament. Eric helped facilitate the new Denver pool location and was a key contributor to the design and layout of the new dual court layout with sport court and walls that will be used in weekly practices and the upcoming 2016 UWH Nationals.

Eric has been an active partner in enriching the experience of UWH by improving the video system quality available at tournaments. Increasing the accessibility of good video in Underwater Hockey is a priority for Eric as he believes it will have a dramatic effect in helping to grow our sport with benefits to players, coaches, spectators and recruitment. Eric also expects that with better video the juniors team involvement will improve since parents will have a clearer idea of what their kids are actually doing beyond seeing bubbles, snorkels and fins.


Dan Yocum
Current Club: Washington, DC

Dan Yocum recently moved to Souderton, Penn., but his home club is Washington, DC where he has been playing for 6 years. He has ridden the coattails of much better players to several championship wins, including 2015 Nationals with NBS. In his free time you can find Dan eating canned bread and complaining about the weather. “Can I be done writing this bio yet?”



2014 USAUWH Governing Committee Election Results

December 5, 2014

The USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee election results are in. The following three people have been elected to the open positions:

Nicole Mazouchova
Kat Kurtz
Gustavo Pesce

Congratulations to Nicole, Kat, and Gustavo.
Thank you all for your participation!

-Election Subcommittee
Terry Sutton, Matt Richards, Mallorie Leinenger

Welcome to our 2 Development Directors!

December 4, 2014

The USA UWH governing committee has selected two new development directors. Due to the volume of work and enthusiasm of these candidates, we have split this position into two parts.

Katie Konrath is elected to the Director of Development and Marketing. She is focused on and responsible for fundraising, new clubs, club growth, and recruiting.

Maxime Van Rechem is elected to the Director of Development and Training. He is focused on and responsible for inter-club interactions, tournaments, player development, coaching/reffing, and forming regional groups.

Please join me on congratulating these two outstanding individuals. The governing committee looks forward to working with Max and Katie through everything they will achieve in their tenure.

William Cleveland
Vice-Chair of USA UWH Governing Committee

Governing Committee Election, 2014

October 28, 2014

Get out the vote! This year, three people will be elected to the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee. We hope all USA UWH members will participate in the election.

All current members will receive an “eBallot” to their email. Simply mark your votes and email it to by November 10, 2014. Include “USAUWH Election” in the subject line. Vote for three candidates only.

(To join USA Underwater Hockey, sign up at ; If you have any questions about your account, email

You can also vote with a paper ballot: Download your ballot HERE

Then mail it, postmarked by November 10, 2014 to:
USOA Hockey Ballot
c/o Ray Tucker
PO Box 228
Rome, NY 13442

No USA UWH Governing Committee member (current or hopeful) will see any of the ballots.

If duplicate electronic and paper ballots are received, your paper ballot will be discarded and your electronic vote will be counted.

The candidates for the three open Governing Committee spots are:

  • Katie Konrath
  • Kat (Search) Kurtz
  • Nicole Mazouchova
  • Jorge Millan
  • Gustavo Pesce

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