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2014 USAUWH Governing Committee Election Results

December 5, 2014

The USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee election results are in. The following three people have been elected to the open positions:

Nicole Mazouchova
Kat Kurtz
Gustavo Pesce

Congratulations to Nicole, Kat, and Gustavo.
Thank you all for your participation!

-Election Subcommittee
Terry Sutton, Matt Richards, Mallorie Leinenger

Welcome to our 2 Development Directors!

December 4, 2014

The USA UWH governing committee has selected two new development directors. Due to the volume of work and enthusiasm of these candidates, we have split this position into two parts.

Katie Konrath is elected to the Director of Development and Marketing. She is focused on and responsible for fundraising, new clubs, club growth, and recruiting.

Maxime Van Rechem is elected to the Director of Development and Training. He is focused on and responsible for inter-club interactions, tournaments, player development, coaching/reffing, and forming regional groups.

Please join me on congratulating these two outstanding individuals. The governing committee looks forward to working with Max and Katie through everything they will achieve in their tenure.

William Cleveland
Vice-Chair of USA UWH Governing Committee

Governing Committee Election, 2014

October 28, 2014

Get out the vote! This year, three people will be elected to the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee. We hope all USA UWH members will participate in the election.

All current members will receive an “eBallot” to their email. Simply mark your votes and email it to by November 10, 2014. Include “USAUWH Election” in the subject line. Vote for three candidates only.

(To join USA Underwater Hockey, sign up at ; If you have any questions about your account, email

You can also vote with a paper ballot: Download your ballot HERE

Then mail it, postmarked by November 10, 2014 to:
USOA Hockey Ballot
c/o Ray Tucker
PO Box 228
Rome, NY 13442

No USA UWH Governing Committee member (current or hopeful) will see any of the ballots.

If duplicate electronic and paper ballots are received, your paper ballot will be discarded and your electronic vote will be counted.

The candidates for the three open Governing Committee spots are:

  • Katie Konrath
  • Kat (Search) Kurtz
  • Nicole Mazouchova
  • Jorge Millan
  • Gustavo Pesce

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Governing Committee Candidate Bios, 2014

October 20, 2014

This year, three people will be elected to the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee. We hope all USA UWH members will participate in the election. All current members will receive an “eBallot” to their email. Details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, learn about the candidates!

The candidates for the three open Governing Committee spots are:

Katie Konrath
Current Club: Minnesota

Katie Konrath began playing underwater hockey on her swim team at seven years old. Three years ago, she heard about the Minnesota team at a Happy Hour, and showed up for the next practice. Despite some changes—the addition of gloves and snorkels, the puck placed in the center of the pool instead of thrown, completely different sticks, and losing her weight and speed advantage over the guys—she still loved it!

If you’re at a tournament, you’ll usually see her, and she loves popping into local clubs when she travels. One of Katie’s goals is to get more people excited about underwater hockey, and to motivate players to develop their skills. She’s particularly proud of how Minnesota is banding together to build the team, and hopes to bring what’s working locally to the national level.


Kat (Search) Kurtz
Current Club: Washington, DC

Kat (Search) Kurtz started playing hockey in 2007 with the University of Illinois and has since been playing with Capital Region Underwater Hockey (aka DC). She played on the US Women’s Elite team for Worlds (Hungary, 2013) and the multi-country development teams for America’s Cup (US, 2012 and Colombia, 2010).

Kat is currently serving on the Governing Committee as secretary and is serving on the US Juniors Steering Committee for Juniors Worlds 2015 in Spain. She would like to see the development of juniors become a priority in the US and hopes to start a Capital Region Juniors team in the next few years.


Nicole Mazouchova
Current Club: Philadelphia, Penn.

Nicole Mazouchova first started playing underwater hockey in 2006 at the University of Guelph for about 3 months. Shortly after graduating she moved to Atlanta, Ga. in the hopes of finding a club to play. As there wasn’t one, she started to
inquire at Georgia Tech and was met with overwhelming support, starting a club in 2008/09. Since then, she has played in many regional tournaments, took teams to international waters, and played on the US Development team for the
America’s Cup. To say the least, her addiction isn’t cured … on the contrary
it only strengthened over the years. Nicole sees being nominated to the governing committee as an opportunity to take an active role in US Underwater hockey in a very exciting time for the sport. As a sport in the US, we are growing, new clubs are being opened, we are recruiting players and Worlds are just around the corner in 2016. Nicole believes we need to keep up with the new player recruitment, offer a variety of exciting tournaments and keep on the path to improving refereeing, to name just a few. She would like to be a part of the governing committee in order to actively implement your desires and wishes for the sport and keep growing US Underwater hockey.


Jorge Millan
Current Club: Atlanta, Ga.

Jorge Millan has been involved with underwater hockey since the summer of 2008. He has been a member of Swordfish Underwater hockey, serving as fitness coordinator and player/coach. During his time with Swordfish, Jorge has participated in many tournaments, both with the Swordfish team, potlucks, and with former Swordfish players teams. During tournaments, he has made a point to referee as often as possible and during his tenure with the Governing Committee has been the liaison to the US Chief Referee. Improving the level of refereeing in Underwater Hockey is a priority for Jorge.

Jorge’s vision for underwater hockey is that of growth. He believes the future of any sport lies in the young players who are nurtured into the sport and who grow up to become life-long participants. Jorge would like to develop an approach to start promote the creation of UWH clubs at the High School level as well as supporting U-19 and U-23 male and female teams to attend international competition.
Gustavo Pesce
Current Club: San Francisco, Calif.

Gustavo Pesce started playing in 2001 in San Francisco. With other club members he created a charter that established elections for club positions in 2009. He managed the club’s interactions with pool and city authorities, and guided finances and activities, including an annual potluck tournament (since 2008), development programs and local leagues. He is most known for starting and managing a popular children’s program and an annual children’s tournament.

Gustavo’s ultimate goal is to reach 1 million players in the US, with the following goals along the way. Short-term growth: quality events and refereeing, incentives for skillful play and development of new players. Mid-term growth: programs for children, methods to increase skills, dis-incentives to rough play. Long-Term growth: better gear, pools, rules and refereeing, enjoyable game broadcasting, strong fundraising.

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USAUWH Seeking Development Director

September 29, 2014

The USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee is seeking nominations for the open position of Development Director.

The primary goal of this position is to increase participation in and the quality of underwater hockey play in the United States.

To nominate someone, please contact Mallorie Leinenger (, and provide the person’s name, club or team affiliation, and their contact information (telephone number and email address). Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominations will be accepted until the position is filled.

Please see below for a detailed description of duties:

Development Director  

Job Description:

I. Foster growth and expansion of underwater hockey

a. Assist in the formation and growth of underwater hockey clubs:
i. Junior (pre-college)
ii. Collegiate
iii. Adult
iv. Women of all levels
b. Expand tournament club participation: (work with Competitions Director)
i. New regional tournaments
ii. Bring more clubs into existing tournaments
iii. Organize recognition for first-time National Championships attendees
c. Maintain resources for those starting new clubs:
i. Club-in-a-box
ii. Info/guide
iii. Brochures and other media
iv. Pool recommendations
v. Access to Insurance

II. Improve the quality of the game of underwater hockey

a. Organize clinics for new players and for continuing players
b. Organize a resource pool for hockey education
c. Organize the annual USA Underwater Hockey Symposium at the National Championships

III. Manage and assist Regional Development Directors

IV. Other possible areas of work:

a. Facilitate referee training (in conjunction with Chief Referee and/or Referee Training Director)
b. Design and oversee a “Development” section on the USA Underwater Hockey website.

The Development Director will report to the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Committee on a regular basis.

To achieve progress in above areas, key skills will be organization, delegation, and enthusiasm!

Target Start Date: 1 November 2014

A two-year commitment is requested.
Some travel will be expected in order to accomplish the above stated goals. A modest travel budget will be available.

Requirements: The person must be a dues-paying member of USAUWH.

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