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The puck slides, like on ice, but the air is far above. Welcome to underwater hockey , the fast-moving sport played on swimming pool bottoms across the United States.

Two teams of six face off in 6 to 8 feet of water, swimming and diving to try to shoot a weighted puck into the goal.

Players wear fins, for speed, as well as masks, snorkels, and protective gloves and headgear. The sticks are short -- about one foot long -- so players can move them quickly through the water. Sticks flick and flash as players maneuver the puck on the bottom, shoot the puck past (or over) defenders, and bat down shots.

Underwater hockey play and strategy is similar to soccer or ice hockey. On average, each player is underwater less than 5 seconds at a time, and almost never more than 15 seconds. Success -- putting the puck in the goal trough at the bottom of each end wall -- ultimately depends on teamwork, not how long you can hold your breath.

USAUWH Governing Committee

Underwater hockey in the United States is guided by an elected governing committee, which serves under the auspices of the Underwater Society of America (USOA). The committee meets monthly, and runs an annual membership meeting at the US Nationals tournament each year.
Read the USOA-Underwater Hockey Committee Rules

Recent Governing Committee Minutes:

Jul 20, 2015 Meeting
Jun 1, 2015 Meeting

Other Rules & Organizing Documents

USAUWH Nationals Tournament Standards - As of July 10, 2014, this document is unofficial, pending approval by the USOA Executive Committee

Question and Answer section


Q. Are there official rules for competition?
A. Yes! For a list of the latest international rules and guidelines (v10.0, July 2011) click here:
volume 1, volume 2


Q. Where can I play?
A. For a full international, including U.S., list of clubs, please head over to:
The Underwater Hockey Tourist. You can also check out the list of US clubs on our contacts page.

Q. How can I start a new team?
If you want to start a team and need help, check out our new team start up guide, or contact the development director: Charlie Nielsen

USA Underwater Hockey Membership:

Q. Why should I join?
A. Joining USA UWH qualifies you to participate in national tournaments and clinics, helps support underwater hockey clubs across the country, and much more. Read more about the benefits here!

Q. How do I join?
A. You can now join USA UWH online! Go to to fill out the registration form, download and print your completed waiver, and pay by Paypal or credit card. You can also still mail in a check.

Q. How much are dues for the year?
A. USOA dues are 25 dollars per person per year and 15 dollars foreach additional person living in the same household. An additional dues payment to CenCal of 15 dollars per person is required for all California hockey clubs north of San Luis Obispo.

Q. When is my membership valid?
A. The calendar year 1 Jan to 31 Dec. All dues must be paid every January.

Q. If I join for the first time in November or December do I have to re-join in January?
A. No! If you join late in the year, your dues are good for the complete following calendar year.

Q. Who do I send my check to?
A. Dues should be sent in as a team whenever possible to keep it simple. Please check with your club's president.

The address to send dues to is:
USOA Underwater Hockey
Postal Annex
39270 Paseo Padre Parkway, Box #452
Fremont, CA 94538

If you have questions, please contact: Wendy Okafuji, USA Underwater Hockey Treasurer

Waivers for National Competition:

Q. Do I need a waiver?
A. Yes! Although not a contact sport, it is still a sport. Waivers are required for all USOA sponsored competition. Please click here to download the USOA hockey waiver.
En Español, Contrato de Aceptación de Riesgo

Q. Do I need to fill it out for every tournament?
A. Nope. Fill it out when you send in your annual dues with your team and you are good for the year.

More Info:

Q. Is there an email list for underwater hockey?
A. Yes! If you want to receive updates from the Development Directors (same as the news blog on this site), join this list:

Subscribe to USUnderwaterHockey

Hockeynet is a worldwide list for underwater hockey. Most tournament announcements are made here. To join, send an email to: Almost all of the local clubs have their own email lists, so ask your club leaders for info about that or head over to Underwater Hockey Tourist.

More Faq coming as questions come in. If you have any more immediate questions, please head over to the Contact page.

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